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You may browse contract for deed properties thru out the state of Minnesota and western Wisconsin

Contracts Recission


Minnesota Contracts Recission Law & Legal Definition

A Recission of a MN contract is the destruction or annulling of a Minnesota contract. A Minnesota contract cannot be rescinded in part, a whole recission of the MN contract must be made. In order to have a recission, both parties to the contract must be placed in the position they occupied before the Minnesota contract was made. Courts have held that a party may rescind a MN contract for fraud, incapacity, duress, undue influence, material breach in performance of a promise, or mistake, among other grounds.

The relevant section of the Uniform Commercial Code, adopted in some form by almost all states, provides as follows:


A Minnesota contract may be rescinded if all the parties thereto consent.

(b) A party to a MN contract may rescind the MN contract in the following cases:

If the consent of the party rescinding, or of any party jointly contracting with him, was given by mistake, or obtained through duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence, exercised by or with the connivance of the party as to whom he rescinds, or of any other party to the MN contract jointly interested with such party.

If the consideration for the obligation of the rescinding party fails, in whole or in part, through the fault of the party as to whom he rescinds.

If the consideration for the obligation of the rescinding party becomes entirely void from any cause.

If the consideration for the obligation of the rescinding party, before it is rendered to him, fails in a material respect from any cause.

If the Minnesota contract is unlawful for causes which do not appear in its terms or conditions, and the parties are not equally at fault.

If the public interest will be prejudiced by permitting the contract to stand.

Under the circumstances provided for in Sections 39, 1533, 1566, 1785, 1789, 1930 and 2314 of this code, Section 2470 of the Corporations Code, Sections 331, 338, 359, 447, 1904 and 2030 of the Insurance Code or any other statute providing for rescission.”

Some states’ laws regulate door-to-door sales, false labeling, unsolicited merchandise, abusive collection practices, misleading advertising and referral and promotional sales. For example, promotional sales for timeshare properties in some states must allow a certain number of days for the consumer to rescind the agreement. Such laws vary by state, so local laws should be consulted..

Contract for deed company Minnesota have been in business sense 1996


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If you want to own a home verses renting or rent to own-leasing then cd is the best option.


Bennefits of contract for deed buyers

  • Tax bennefits write off the cd interest on your tax returns.
  • Make the house your own painting-adding a fence ect-pets ok
  • Build equity verses paying off some elses mortgage.
  • Save $1000 on closing costs- NO origination fees-lender fees.
  • NO BANK Qualifying
Contract for deed is a great alternative financing program. If you cant get a mortgage why would you want to keep renting if you have money to put down on a home. Alot of people with good credit are also buying homes on a cd due to FHA mortgage insurance. The Mortgage insurance payment on a $200,000 can be $250 amonth that is alot of money for 30 years. Alot of buyers refinance into a conventional mortgage towards the end of the 5th year of the contract. The rental market is really expensive right now it costs more to rent a home in the twin cities metro area's than it costs to buy one. That is something to think about.

Sellers cd advantages 

Cash flow-steady stream of income. Sellers can make a better return on thier money verses the bank account-charge a higher rate than a mortgage. Easy to cancel the land contract- In Minnesota the law states the seller can "rescind-cancel" the contract in 60 days. Experience does matter and remember it doesn't cost you anything to use mnlakeplace.com when you purchase your dream lake home or Lake Property. We have lake homes contract for deed.

***Remember there is alot to know when buying or selling a Property with contract for deed terms. We can take the stress out of researching properties for you.***

Western Minnesota owner financed homes-Eastern Minnesota owner financed homes-Southern Minnesota owner financed homes-Northern Minnesota owner financed homes.



  • When buying or selling a property contract for deed we recommend using BoardWalk Premier Realty INC
  • Always use a title company when buying a cd house or selling. The reason is the title company or law office can provide both parties with a title search and if the buyer chooses the buyer may purchase title insurance we recommend the buyer purchase this insurance to protect themselves against and liens-assessments ect.
  • Some people think contract for deeds are just for people with bad credit that is not the case. A lot of people buy c4d properties with good credit they don’t want to leverage all their credit or self employed or relocation haven’t been at a job long enough to get a mortgage. Another reason is FHA mortgage insurance is really expensive they keep raising the fees so now buyers are choosing owner financing and refinancing in to a conventional loan or selling the house in a few years.
  • MN homes contract for deed can be the perfect solution for buyers looking to have a home but cannot get financing.
  • Contract for deeds is NOT the same as rent to own-leasing-carry back mortgage. Totally different.
  • Buyers will want to know if they can sell the cd with out refinancing it. Letting another buyer assume the contract is a great item to have for the buyer. That is something we put in all our land contracts
  • Buyers will want home owners insurance-decide if they want to escrow taxes or pay seller directly.
  • Always get a home inspection.


Make sure buyers open 2-3 accounts and pay on time monthly. Do not go over 25% of the credit limit. Banks will want 1-2 years of payments on time. If you cannot get a credit card there are cards you can put money down and they will give you a card and you can pay on it. The main thing is to get credit and someone reporting to your credit bureau.

  • Sellers have the right to cancel a MN contract for deed 60 days after default seek legal advice on that. Buyer may sign back the contract with a quit claim deed. Seek legal advice on that also.
Homestead sometimes when you buy a home it is non home stead the buyer can call the county or city the property is in and see what the taxes would be once it is homestead. Record the contract for deed it is the law in MN but if you close at a title company or law office they will do it for you.  


We work with installment contracts-purchase money mortgages daily. There is a lot to know when drafting the purchase agreement and land contract.

  • Remember with RENT TO OWN if you DO NOT exercise your option to buy the property you will loose out on down payment-and any payments you have made to the owner. Make sure you DO NOT Make any repairs to the house until you refinance it because if you don’t buy it you loose out on all of the repairs you put into the house.
The buyer has the right to occupy claim homestead status. Most of the time the buyer gets possession at closing unless stated in purchase agreement. If the buyer defaults on the contract for deed the seller may cancel the contract to reclaim the property. In Minnesota the seller with have to serve buyer a cancelation from a third party and proceed at court.


Selling a home in todays real estate market.

2014 Market Update, year-over-year median home prices have been on the rise for two straight years in the 13-county metro area.  


Inventory remains near a 10-year low, and year-over-year double digit price increases are almost becoming standard. These are two sure signs of a sellers’ market and if they both continue, smart sellers will be able to entice buyers for their properties at a fair price quite